Princess Diana’s former psychic believes Meghan’s family drama will result in divorce from Harry

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When Harry and Meghan started dating, the prospect of marriage seemed a long way off. However, after years of being a bachelor, it seemed that the Prince was tired of waiting. He got down on one knee in November 2017, just one year after he and Meghan had started dating, and asked the American to be his bride. Six months of preparation followed her saying yes, during which time her popularity soared.

People on both sides of the pond wanted to know everything about her, from what shows she’d been on to who was going to design her wedding dress. By the time that May 19th rolled around, excitement had reached fever pitch. However, while that may have been one of the best days of Meghan’s life, it also marked the time when things started going downhill. The tides were already turning for the new royal bride.

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