Princess Diana’s former psychic believes Meghan’s family drama will result in divorce from Harry

[post_page_title]What was the reason?[/post_page_title]

According to the rumors, a lot of her in-laws haven’t been too happy with Meghan since she and Harry got married. William was reportedly concerned about her before she even walked down the aisle, apparently warning his brother that she might not be the right fit for him. While his concerns were natural for someone looking out for their sibling, he’s not the only one to question the marriage.

A lot of conspiracy theories exist over the relationship, with people speculating that it wasn’t love that compelled the pair to tie the knot. It’s been suggested that the couple got married sooner than expected because Harry wanted his grandparents to still be around for his wedding. Others have suggested that Meghan’s intentions weren’t as pure as they seemed, with the Duchess of Sussex supposedly more concerned with becoming a royal than marrying the love of her life.

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