Simple hacks to make routine household chores less annoying

We all know the irritating feeling of drifting to sleep and suddenly remembering that there are dishes in the sink and laundry on the line. These are just the facts of being an adult, but they are just so very annoying. Instead of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, try these life hacks that will make chores more bearable:

Ice cubes instead of ironing

Ironing clothes, especially after already spending so much energy on washing them, is labor-intensive and snore-inducing. Instead of pushing around a hot piece of steamy metal, try simply chucking some ice cubes in the dryer with the clothes you want to iron. About two or three ice cubes can iron a couple of pieces of clothing. How it works is that the ice evaporates into steam, and with the heat of the dryer it becomes a hands-free iron. For lighter clothes, it works like a charm and only takes 10 minutes tops.

Simple hacks to make routine household chores less annoying

The miracle of vinegar

Not only is vinegar cheap, but it is also found in every grocery store. This makes it the perfect cleaning product. It’s got too many uses to count but some of the best are that it cuts through grease on glasses, coffee stains on mugs, and soap build up in the bathroom. The rule of thumb is that the tougher the stain, the longer you soak the object in vinegar and warm water. Vinegar can substitute for laundry softener and leaves no smell behind. In fact, once the vinegar dries, it is pretty much odorless. Putting vinegar in a pot and boiling it with some water can get rid of funky smells too. What a neat liquid!

Get the bathtub clean with grapefruit

Another organic substitute for the heavy chemicals we use like bleach and ammonia is grapefruit. This tasty fruit is not only great as a snack but is a really great cleanser for the bathtub. The hack is to cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle salt on the exposed pulpy center, and start scrubbing. It smells good, doesn’t strip color like bleach, and comes with a mess-free handle (the rind!). It works well because of the acidity of the citrus cutting through the alkaline soap and can even be used on sinks and faucets. The toilet might be a little too hands-on, though.

Simple hacks to make routine household chores less annoying

Foggy mirrors no more

Cleaning a mirror is so frustrating because no matter how much you scrub, there are streaks. When you shower or bath and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, it is a foggy mess from the steam. Fix both of these problems with a bit of shaving foam. Instead of spending hours on a small piece of mirror, just put a bit of shaving foam on its surface and wipe away with a paper towel. No streaks and no fog. It works for a few weeks, so no need to revisit it for a while and even better is that it can work for glasses and the windshield of a car too.

No more dragging of feet around the house on cleaning day. Hack the laundry, cooking, bathroom-scrubbing, and ironing with household items. Get the chores done in minutes with these hacks so binge-watching television doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow.

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