Natural ways to improve your immunity system

Whether winter had seen you coughing and sneezing or you want to make sure you survive the summer germ-free, it appears there are many natural ways to improve our immunes system that will soon see us feeling in tip top condition – no matter the weather.

Keep moving

It’s not just a healthy diet that keeps us feeling ready to tackle any illness. It turns out that regular exercise can also play an important role, too. It’s thought that even moderate exercise for just 30 minutes a day can half the risk of catching a cold compared to those who don’t exercise. Moving on a regular basis helps to ensure that our body flushes out anything it no longer needs as well as supporting our vital organs to perform at their peak. Be warned; intense activities, such as running, can have the opposite effect and actually weaken our immune system.


Five a day

Many of us have heard the importance of eating our daily fruits and vegetables, but it appears as though a lack of this food group could be having more of an effect on our body than we ever believed. Many are filled with a host of antioxidants that not only aid our body to perform at it’s best, but also help to fight off many illnesses before they even strike. As if that wasn’t enough, many studies have shown how the likes of garlic and ginger both have immune-boosting properties that can help keep many of us feeling healthy.

Get your rest

Do we need any more of a reason to head back to bed? Thankfully, that time under the duvet can help boost our immune system as well as leaving us feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day – or binge Netflix, whatever floats your boat. Our bodies produce cytokines when we sleep. What are cytokines? These are the cells in charge of fighting any infections. A long-term lack of sleep means we often miss out on their many benefits and could make your immune system less powerful in the long run.


Reduce your stress

It might be easy to say, but reducing your stress is a sure-fire way to help naturally improve your immune system. Trouble sleeping is often linked to too much stress. Plus, worrying too much can see our immune systems suffer. This is because our body is constantly in a fight or flight state of mind, and our brain is sending signals that we need to be ready for anything at all times. All those hormones floating around our body soon see our immune system suffer. Thankfully, exercises such as yoga and meditation are both great ways to keep our stress levels under control.

Hearing the first cough of winter or noticing someone sneezing over your shoulder can leave many of us worrying about what illness might be coming our way. Thankfully, using some natural ways to improve your immune system could soon see you walking away illness-free. Our bodies might just be about to become stronger than they look.

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