Great ways to maintain your clothes

When you purchase new clothes, you want to ensure that they are going to last long. You do not want to waste your money on pieces of clothing that you will not enjoy for a long time. These tips will ensure the quality of your clothes and ensure that you could use them for a long time.

Find the right fabric

You cannot expect your clothes to last longer if you do not select the right fabric. Even if you have to spend more to receive a quality fabric, it’s worth the price. You would rather have it than a cheap piece of clothing that will get destroyed after a couple of washes. Durable fabrics also require minimal care.


Do not wash often

Washing your clothes all the time is unnecessary. Some of them require less frequent washing. Denim, for instance, is a sturdy material. If you only wore it once, you do not need to wash it right away. It’s still good for a couple more washes. It does not mean that you should wear dirty clothes, but you need to understand that frequent washing could lose the quality of the clothes.

Follow the instructions

Check your clothes if there are instructions written on the tags. Follow the instruction given to you, especially in regards to washing and drying since you could destroy the entire piece if you did not do it right.

Learn basic repairs

Just because your clothes have minor damages does not mean you have to throw them away. They are still useful if you know how to salvage them with necessary repair skills. You cannot keep wearing them since you’re only making things worse. You also do not want to wear clothes with a broken zipper or a ripped area. With basic repair skills, you can fix the problem and continue wearing the clothes.

Avoid ironing

If you do not have time to iron your clothes, it’s okay. You can steam them instead by hanging them in the bathroom as you take a hot shower. The steam is enough to straighten the clothes somewhat. Ironing could damage the clothing due to extreme heat. Some fabrics are tough and might be okay with pressing, but not at an extremely high temperature.


Empty the pockets

Before you place the clothes into the washing machine, you need to ensure that you already emptied the pockets. Otherwise, those contents could damage the clothes. Apart from the clothes, the items could also get stuck in the spinner and damage the machine.

Avoid using the dryer

If possible, you need to avoid using the dryer. It’s an unnatural way to dry the clothes. Use the heat from the sun and wait until the clothes dry up. Otherwise, you’re going to damage the clothes. Some of them could lose their crisp while elastic garments get stretched out. It could be impossible to wear some of them after using the dryer.

With these tips in maintaining your clothes, you can expect them to stay in your closet for a long time. You also do not need to keep spending money on new clothes since the old ones are still useful. Besides, you do not need a lot of new clothes. A few quality options would already suffice.

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