Princess Diana’s former psychic believes Meghan’s family drama will result in divorce from Harry

[post_page_title]Not a fan[/post_page_title]

Although the Duchess of Sussex has millions of supporters, there are plenty of people who aren’t particular fans of her. Some of them are resistant to the Royal Family in general, while others hate how different she is from the rest of the monarchy. As an American actress who’s been married once before, she wasn’t ticking any of the boxes for the ideal royal bride. However, Harry didn’t care about that – he was in love.

Unfortunately, while he might have been head over heels for the Suits star, his adoring public didn’t necessarily feel the same way. Every time Meghan made a wrong move, it supported their claims that she wasn’t a good fit for the Royal Family. As these mistakes piled up, people grew tired of her going against the grain and turned against her. It didn’t help that she was making enemies out of her in-laws.

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