Funny and unusual haircuts that the world was just not prepared for

[post_page_title]Hat hair[/post_page_title]

If there’s anyone who’s known for crazy hairstyles, it’s Lady Gaga. The singer might be a little more modest in her appearance nowadays, but during the early days of her mainstream career, every look she had was outrageous. From meat dresses to that Kermit ensemble, she knew how to create discussions with her outfits, and she always rocked an iconic hairstyle to tie everything together.

Hat hair

For a time, she was known for the blonde bob that accompanied her early music videos, but then she branched out into some more eccentric styles – this one for example. What looks like a hat is actually a perfectly constructed wig styled to look like an elegant headpiece. It’s reminiscent of headgear you might find in Asian countries, and it’s the definition of fashion excellence. No artist nowadays can do creative looks quite like this woman here.

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