Funny and unusual haircuts that the world was just not prepared for

[post_page_title]Sweet style[/post_page_title]

If you want your hair to be a piece of art, you don’t have to cut it to make the statement you’re looking for. Sometimes, you just have to dye it the right color, and everything will fall into place. That’s seemingly what this woman did, and there’s no doubt that she’s caught a lot of attention for her outrageous look.

Sweet style

Of course, that’s probably because her stylist went above and beyond to make her stand out from the crowd. Not only did she go and dye her locks blue, but she went and turned them into a packet of Oreos. If you didn’t realize this was attached to someone’s head, you’d probably be tempted to reach out and grab a cookie. Unfortunately, there’s no Oreos here. We have to wonder if she works for Nabisco because we can’t think why else she’d have something like this on her head.

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