Funny and unusual haircuts that the world was just not prepared for

[post_page_title]Bangs above bangs[/post_page_title]

Some people view their hair as more than just something that sits on their head. They see it as an opportunity to make an artistic statement which only a few people will understand. That seems to be what this guy is doing here. He wanted to rock some bangs, but he was looking to do it with a difference.

Bangs above bangs

Instead of having them compliment the rest of his hairstyle, they became the sole focus of his look. It’s quite a statement to make, although that’s not what has us scratching our heads. Somehow, this guy has managed to get another line of bangs lower down on his forehead, even though they’re not attached to anything. We can only assume he’s glued the hair to his head, although why he’d want to do that we don’t know. Perhaps we just don’t understand fashion the way he does.

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