Candid photos that show the Royals are just like the rest of us

Candid photos that show the Royals are just like the rest of us

However much we may think we know the Royals inside out from the endless tabloid headlines, we’ll never truly know what goes on behind the closed doors of the palace – unless of course we marry a Prince or transform into a fly on the wall. In some ways, its best left like this, as the grand spectacle of the British monarchy still to this day continues to play out as some sort of real-life aristocratic soap opera before our very eyes.

Even though the Royals try to keep their private lives closed off from the public as much as possible, the inside stories still manage to surface somehow. And likewise, the paparazzi always manage to capture some fantastic candid shots of them that show us who they really are. The official photos often released by Kensington Palace are way too prim and proper for us to see what they’re genuinely like as a family, so amen to these great photographs captured just at the right time. Here are some of what we think are the best.

[post_page_title]Crisis avoided[/post_page_title]

Here at a royal parade, Kate Middleton is seen avoiding a whole high heel disaster as she bends down to release her heel from a drainage grate on the ground. She’s accompanied by hubby Prince William so she must be feeling ‘grateful’ that he was there to catch her fall – who knows what would have happened if he weren’t?

Crisis avoided

Although the Duke and Duchess have a smirk on their faces, the guards certainly look as though they’re trying their very hardest not to laugh.

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