Candid photos that show the Royals are just like the rest of us

[post_page_title]“MY popcorn!”[/post_page_title]

This photo was seen all over the world when it was taken back in 2017, and it reminded us of why we love Prince Harry. Here he was spotted watching a game of volleyball at the Invictus Games in Toronto, and he is accompanied by a family friend and her two-year-old daughter Emily.

“MY popcorn!”

We’ve always thought of Harry as the Uncle we all love to hate, and this photo shows us exactly why as he’s seen playfully winding up Emily after she reaches for his popcorn. The Prince didn’t notice at first because he was too engrossed in the match, but when he did, he made sure she knew exactly who’s popcorn it was by cheekily taking the bucket away from her as she reached again.

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