Tips for hosting a clothing swap party

Do you fancy swapping out your closet but your bank balance is holding you back? Maybe you’re friends feel the same way? Have no fear; these tips for hosting a clothing swap party could soon see you and your friends with new wardrobes without having to spend a dime.

Set some rules

It can be easy to think that people will turn up, swap clothes, and head home without anything going wrong. While we can hope, that might not always be the case. It’s important to set a clear list of rules to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This could be by setting a minimum number of items that someone must bring to the clothing swap party before they are allowed to take part. It could also be laying out that everything must still be wearable, and stating that something such as a coin flip is to be used to settle any disputes.


Think about your guests

Although many of us want to make sure that we include all of our friends, we need to think about the type of clothes and the size that people will be bringing with them to the party. If everyone is the same size apart from one guest, then they might feel left out when they can’t find something to wear. Either sticking to friends who are all a similar size or choosing a mixture of guests knowing that someone has someone of a similar size is the best way to make sure everyone’s included.

Think about presentation

Just because many of us like to keep our clothes on a chair – or on the floor – doesn’t mean that our guests want to sort through a mess of clothes. Most people don’t want to feel as though they’re sorting through a pile of laundry. Why not create a space for each of your guests a space they can set up for their clothes? This means that everyone can organize their clothes how they like and put their own spin on presentation.

Get things started

The first thing to do is to make sure that everyone knows the rules of the clothing swap party. As soon as everyone agrees to the list, then it’s time to begin! It’s probably best to keep food and drink away from the clothes. That fun can be reserved for later in the night. It’s best to keep an eye on all of your guests to make sure that everyone goes home with the same amount that they bought. Just be sure to make sure there’s somewhere your guests can go to try on the clothes before they dedicate to the swap.


Think about the leftovers

Your guests might have bought a lot of clothes with them, but what happens to the ones that no one wants? The idea of the party is to help people get rid of all the clothes they no longer need while giving them a new closet as a result. If you have some left at the end, then have no fear. This can be the perfect chance to bag them all up and take them to a charity store instead,

Clothing swap parties are becoming more and more popular. Thankfully, learning all the tips you need to host your own means that you could soon be the talk of your friends – and have a whole new closet. It’s a win-win situation!

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