How to throw a dinner party

Throwing a dinner party is the ultimate ode to adulthood. It’s a chance to show your friends what you’re made of in the kitchen, it’s a chance to throw everyone together, and it’s even impress yourself with the fact that you’re totally winning at life. However, unless you have the money to have someone else organize a dinner party for you, you have to put in a small amount of work to bring this awesome event to life. Need some help? Here’s how you can throw a dinner party.

Choose the right guest list

To throw a dinner party you need guests, so who do you invite? Do you just invite your whole contacts list and see what happens? Well, in short, you definitely shouldn’t do that. Dinner parties are meant to be fun and (fairly civilized), so you don’t want to invite anyone who will cause a scene. Think carefully about who you are inviting, and ask yourself what they will bring to the table. Will they provide interesting and intriguing conversation? Or will they just eat their food and go?

How to throw a dinner party

Stick to what you know

When you’re looking to impress with your dinner party, it’s easy to imagine an extravagant three-course meal that will leave your guests cooing and congratulating you. Of course, unless you’re a Michelin-star chef, cooking something you’ve never made before – and three whole courses – could be a recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s best to stick to what you know and make two course of the food you know how to cook, and that you love. Let’s avoid a disaster, shall we?

It’s all in the details

You need to make sure that your dinner party is one to remember, so it’s time to think about the details. While you can simply use a plain table and the bent cutlery you use on a daily basis, this doesn’t exactly scream “I’m an adult.” Instead, get your creative juices flowing by using your nicest plates, colorful centerpieces, candles, napkins, and more. This is a chance for you to really go wild with your skills, and because it’s a dinner party you can totally get away with a garish centerpiece.

How to throw a dinner party

Keep the drinks flowing

Of course, this doesn’t always mean boozy drinks – although we have a feeling some of your guests would certainly like a top up. Dinner parties are all about the food, the company, and the drinks, and empty glasses never do well. It’s important that you keep your guests hydrated and bubbled-up at all times, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself as bartender. Just leave a few bottles on the table for them to pick and choose, but remember to move and replace them when they’re empty.

Are you thinking about throwing a dinner party? Well, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. To be the perfect host, all you need to do is follow these rules and have fun with it! Remember; you host a dinner party to enjoy it.

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