This girl was saved by her dog after spending 12 days lost in the wilderness

There is nothing more terrifying than a child who has gone missing – especially if they are lost somewhere in the middle of a forest filled with dangerous wild animals. This is exactly what happened to a four-year-old girl named Karina Chikitova in Siberia, who had slipped away from home one day in order to look for her dad who had journeyed off into the treacherous taiga woods.

Unfortunately, she never did meet up with her father, and ended up getting lost in the Siberian wilderness with no one by her side except for her dog, Naida. After spending 12 days stranded in the forest, surviving off of only berries and river water, she was finally found. As her miraculous story spread throughout the world, everyone wanted to know – how exactly did Karina manage to survive nearly two weeks in the cold and frightening wild all by herself?

According to the young girl, it was her furry companion – her beloved pet dog Naida – who stayed by her side the whole time, protected her, and ultimately saved her life.

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