These Royal wardrobe malfunctions are the most embarrassing yet

These Royal wardrobe malfunctions are the most embarrassing yet

When we think of the Royals, we think of glamorous, beautiful and majestic figures who are always in above standard condition wearing the latest trends and colors. They are ready for anything, from meet and greets, to having their photos taken at the most unexpected moments.

Due to always seeing them in these pristine circumstances, what we often forget is that they are human too. They have the same ‘oops’ moments and wardrobe disaster that we experience in day to day life… Except when we can hide away in shame about these moments, they have them broadcasted all over the internet and television for everyone to see. With their extravagant outfits and up to date fashion, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen – and they do! Needless to say, they still do this with grace and dignity. But, we can’t help wanting to see proof that they are mortal just like us.

[post_page_title]Pedicure time[/post_page_title]

You get glammed up to go to a fancy dinner, or on a night out in your best dress, and what completes your outfit? A pair of gorgeous shoes. Obviously, you don’t bother with the pedicure, because everyone will be too busy looking at your fabulous outfit to care what your toes look like.

Pedicure time

Wrong. You end up somewhere that it is disrespectful to wear shoes, and as a sign of respect you have to remove them. The same thing happened to Kate Middleton back in 2016, when she was asked to remove her shoes to show respect to Gandhi. Pack emergency socks next time, Kate!

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