Why new Netflix’s baking show “Nailed It!” – is totally binge-worthy

If you like to pretend that you don’t spend six hours on Netflix every night, you might also like to pretend that you haven’t seen every single show in existence advertised at least once. But of course, we know that you’ve watched the trailer for every new show and read all of the reviews for each movie to help you decide which one you want to watch next. Because of this, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen an advertisement for the newest baking show on the market, Nailed It! Inspired by the meme, this show follows disastrous baking attempts as amateurs try to replicate baking masterpieces, and it doesn’t go well…

The hosts/judges are absolutely incredible

Okay, so this show is all about the amateur bakers as they try and prove that they know their way around a kitchen, but you just can’t ignore the fact that the hosts/judges are absolutely incredible on this show. As the main host of Nailed It!, Nicole Byer has viewers and contestants laughing their socks off. She is constantly cracking out completely relevant and irrelevant jokes, she is always getting involved with their baking exploits, and she is regularly making sure that she is keeping herself up to date with the judges’ opinions. On that note, we’re in love with Jacques Torres and his French accent. There’s nothing more to say on that matter.

The baking fails are just too much

Although you might be hoping that Nailed It! is just a British adaptation of The Great British Bake Off, that’s just not the case. It’s better! In this show, contestants don’t use their extensive baking knowledge or their locker full of information to produce masterpieces, because these guys aren’t experts. They’re simply a group of amateurs who are trying their hardest to create something edible, and sometimes things go a bit awry. Yes, we’re talking about the fact that one baker tried to use Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as a base for their cake frosting. The baking fails are so bad they’re amazing.

The contestants are hilarious

No competition would be complete without contestants, and the men and women who appear on Nailed It! are downright hilarious. They put their heart and soul into making their baked goods work, and we don’t blame them – we’d do the same if we had the chance of winning $10,000! The fact that there is money on the line means that these bakers will do anything to win. They will bring out their personalities to make their cakes stand out, and they will even have a little giggle when things don’t quite go their way. They know they’re not experts, which makes it even more entertaining.

Their relationships are on point

Over the course of this show, we learn that Nicole and Jacques are basically best friends – and we love that. The pair have undeniable on-screen chemistry and are constantly rolling on the floor laughing and just having the best time. Yet, the relationships don’t end there. Jacques loves to flirt with the contestants, and Nicole becomes their hilarious confidante, and it all just meshes together so well. There are no divides between amateur baker and celebrity, and they are all just one happy family.

It’s not like any other contest

Although Nailed It! Is a baking contest and requires a winner at the end of each episode, it’s not the kind of contest that will have you on the edge of your seat and wondering how you’re ever going to get over the intensity of it. It’s a lighthearted program that will have you laughing along and clapping the winners and the losers because they’re all winners here!

If you haven’t got around to watching Nailed It! on Netflix yet, you should probably cancel all of your plans for this weekend – because you’re now fully booked.

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