How to nail that job interview

It’s a tough world out there. Finding a job isn’t an easy feat. First, you have to look for companies with open positions that are hiring, then you have to apply, then you get to sit at home twiddling your thumbs until eventually that phone rings. On the other end of the line is your potential employer inviting you in for a job interview. This is your moment. Your time has come. CV’s get you a foot in the door -the interview, however, is what it will all come down to. So why not give yourself that extra push you need to outclass your competitors by following the best advice anyone could give you, conveniently found below just for your benefit.

How to nail that job interview

Show up on time

Being punctual is key. It is better to be 30 minutes early than 5 minutes late. So make sure you have everything ready the night before and always account for traffic along the way. Although you may think that you have put enough time aside for yourself, you cannot always factor in the time you would need to overcome some unforeseen circumstances created by other people.

Look the part

It takes someone approximately 30 seconds to form a first impression of you. 30 seconds is just long enough to walk in the door, introduce yourself, and shake hands. Now judging a book by its cover is frowned upon but who honestly wouldn’t pick up the book with the prettier cover first? So dress to look the part and work that suit and tie or that formal dress/conservative skirt and blouse.

Know your answers before they ask the questions

Interviews are a relatively predictable formality. There is a script for this kind of thing and if you know the script it will be a lot easier to recite your lines. Sometimes it is hard to sound intelligent and like you’ve got all the answers when you get put on the spot.

How to nail that job interview

Have all your documents on hand

It is important to show up to your interview as prepared as you can possibly be. There is no need to be scrounging around for documents or having to admit that you didn’t bring them with if all that was required of you was to have your documents neatly displayed and within reach.

Research the company

The last thing you want to do is show up for an interview and not know a thing about the company you hope to one day work for. Having a certain level of knowledge about the company could really show your potential employer how interested you are in working for their company specifically and how willing you are to walk that extra mile to prove yourself. This in part shows a sense of ambition and determination that other interviewees may not necessarily possess. Also, the most likely questions to come up will probably be something along the lines of “Why do you want to work for our company?” And not having a good answer to this may just put you firmly on the back foot.

Lastly, if you’ve checked all the above off your list and you’re still feeling super stressed about the interview, you can also give it a couple of practice rounds. So rope in a friend or a family member to help you perfect your approach because after all, practice does make perfect.

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