How to make yourself look taller with clothes

Short men and women experience the same every day problems – having to look upward when talking to others, feeling awkward when trying to hug someone, feeling angry or frustrated when you can’t share an umbrella with another person on a rainy day. And of course, it can be hard to find clothes that fit properly. With the wrong choice of outfit, you can actually make yourself look even shorter.

Here are some tips to help choose a wardrobe that makes you look taller.

What not to do

Carrying oversized bags, wearing long skirts and maxi dresses, opting for bulky platform shoes, and horizontal stripes can make short people look even shorter. Big patterns and accessories, bulky coats, shiny fabrics, high contrast, and bad fit are things that short men and women must avoid.

Make sure it fits

After identifying the main fashion elements that both men and women should stay away from, it is time to look at great clothes to wear if you want to look taller. Regardless of your gender, if you are struggling with your height, make sure that you keep in mind some basic pieces of advice in terms of clothing.

How to make yourself look taller with clothes

Height-enhancing clothes fit well, so make sure you are wearing the right size. Short people can sometimes encounter difficulties with ill-fitting clothes when shopping, but fortunately, paying for some good tailoring services can solve this issue in no time.

When adding a jacket or a blazer to a casual outfit, stay away from baggy articles of clothing because they will instantly make you look shorter. V-necks elongate the upper body, so short girls should include some of these in their wardrobe, especially during the summer season. As for the guys, tucking in your shirts is a smart trick that lengthens your frame.

Important fashion tricks for short people

Colors can make or break an outfit, and short people need to pay extra attention to this. Even more, they should all know that, when trying to look taller, dressing up in one color from head to toe works wonders because it does not break up the body.

Short women dream about having long legs, and even though a person does not wake up in the morning looking like a model, it is possible to add a few centimeters to your height by wearing longer hemlines or embracing high-waisted clothes. Another piece of advice is to wear nude or pointed court shoes because they can trick the eye.

How to make yourself look taller with clothes

Low-waisted trousers and short sleeves are fashion dangers for short men, which is why they should avoid wearing them. Slimmer cut pants and long-sleeved shirts are a far better choice. Men should also go with a monochrome palette and simple accessories.

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