Grace Kelly fashion secrets

While trends come and go, it’s safe to term fashion as being timeless. New looks emerge everyday, but once in a while there comes a time when the fashion world takes a look back and brings back looks from gone years. Some individuals even choose to base their style off fashions from the last century, creating more variety within modern fashion.

Fashion designers and stylists also draw inspiration from fashions of the past. This is why there are fashion icons from the last century who are still very relevant to the fashion industry today. These icons made headlines for the way they dressed and put their outfits together. In their heydays, they started trends and inspired a lot of people when it came to wardrobe matters.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was one such fashion icon who had reporters and women countrywide keeping tabs on everything she wore, whether on screen or in real life. Coupled with her simple elegant beauty, Grace Kelly very easily became one to watch. And those who watched were never disappointed. Even better, when she became the Princess of Monaco, she was still able to maintain the same simple style that she was known for.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of Grace Kelly’s fashion practices that made sure that she would forever be relevant when it comes to matters fashion.

Grace Kelly didn’t try too hard to make her body look like something it wasn’t. While most women would use outfits to give their bodies a certain desired appearance other than their natural ones, Grace Kelly went for outfits that complemented her natural shape.

When it came to makeup, Grace Kelly preferred to do it herself. She took time to discover the looks that worked for her face and stuck with them. Her makeup was light and complemented her naturally pale skin tone, while she always kept her hair away from her face.

Kelly had issues with her weight, and she tackled this by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising frequently. This helped keep her in great shape. Her exercises included fun activities such as riding, swimming and playing tennis.

Grace Kelly

Once she became a Princess, she embraced her new identity by adopting European haute couture alongside her American style. She rocked various European designers while still keeping it simple.

Grace Kelly didn’t lose her graceful looks even when she was expecting her children. At a time when pregnant mothers had to deal with unflattering shapeless dresses, Kelly changed the tune by wearing dark dresses and tailored suits. She also used accessories such as brightly colored hats to draw attention from her figure and onto her face.

For a woman who appeared severally on best dressed lists, Grace Kelly didn’t put as much effort into her looks as would be thought. She did her own makeup and was not in a hurry to get rid of her old dresses and gowns for new ones, something that most female celebrities do nowadays once a dress is worn to a single function. Simple was how she did it, and it worked perfectly for her.

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