The most fashionable cities in the United States

Fashion has been a creative output for us to express our personality, identity, and culture for centuries, and the fashion industry itself has never been so powerful. Fabricating our own sense of style though wearing the clothes we wear is more important than ever amongst those who like to think of themselves as fashionistas. In the US particularly, there are hundreds of cities which are especially known for their fashion-savvy residents.

Here’s a list of the most fashionable cities in the US, all of which you’ll see more than just the average joe or plain jane walking down the street. You’ll see flare, individuality, and sophistication.


New York City, New York

The Big Apple is one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world, let alone in the USA. In fact, it’s often thought of as the fashion capital of the world, being a hugely influential innovator in high-fashion. The city continues to inspire fashion design with its annual events like New York Fashion Week and its prestigious fashion schools such as Parson’s School of Design. NY’s style is fast-paced, gritty, and inventive.

Los Angeles, California

LA has always been a sister to New York’s fashion scene, giving us a slightly more laid back and summery take on the styles seen innovated in NY. However, in recent years, the fashion in Los Angeles has really come into its own, giving us super casual looks and styles spawned from the city’s vintage thrift shops and active sports lifestyle. LA’S style is street, fresh, and relaxed.

Nashville, Tennessee

The city of Nashville has a really up and coming fashion scene. Not only is Nashville a hub of country music, but it’s now a place that continues to attract fashionistas. It’s seeing a huge influx of emerging fashion brands and event shows that love the city’s style for everything you think it would be – think earthy color tones, sparkly leather boots, and lots of denim. Nashville’s style is folksy, hillbilly, and rough around the edges.

Miami, Florida

The tropical climate of Miami is a big influence on the fashion scene in this city, with bright colors, garish prints, and slinky cuts coming to the forefront all year round. More and more big names in fashion are coming to Miami, wanting to make the most of the city’s high-end boutiques and luxurious paradise beaches. Miami’s style is glamorous, glossy, and youthful.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco certainly isn’t the first city you think of when you think of fashion. However, the city is a hidden gem, giving you an eclectic, creative, and well-cultured mix of the world’s best fashion trends. It has a sense of not having to try too hard, and practicality often rules over beauty due to the city’s challenging cityscape. Nonetheless, the city’s fashion is breezily cool and sophisticated, valuing comfort and function rather than pretentious excessiveness. San Francisco’s style is worldly, suave, and free-spirited.

The city streets of the places on this list will show you the best of the best when it comes to street fashion and individuality. Not only do they have thriving fashion industries, but their residents put a lot of importance on the clothes they put on their backs. If you think of yourself as a bit of a trendsetter, shop wisley. It’s not a matter of life and death, but hey c’mon, it’s fashion darling. Every street is a runaway. Now put on your heels, and strut.

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