Fashion accessories that can go with anything

Fashion does not only pertain to clothing and shoes. There are also the accessories that spice up an outfit, and provide different looks even with the same items of clothing. There are accessories that you can invest in that can go well with any outfit. There are generally two types of accessories: the ones you wear for show, and the ones you wear for show and function. Let’s break down the accessories that you wear for show and for function, and see which ones go with any outfit.


Accessories for show

These accessories are ones you can wear to make your outfit look more beautiful, but they don’t really have a function other than beautifying your entire look. Although they don’t do much, they are fun to wear, and they lend the confidence that you need when you dress up. Choosing the right accessories to go with anything is crucial; having a mental picture of your wardrobe and accessories that you know will go well with most of your outfits will make it easier to choose the right pieces.

  • Necklace. Pick the right length; it should sit between your neck and chest. There are different chains that you can choose from; the best one has the right thickness – not too thin, not too thick. A pendant that has a significant meaning to you will make it more special.
  • Rings, bracelets and earrings. You can do without these accessories and still look amazing. But if you must wear them, overdoing it is a big no-no. You may use them, but sparingly. You can wear one piece each, but if you must wear multiples of earrings, rings or bracelets, do away with the others so it doesn’t overpower your whole look.

Accessories for show – and function

Now these are the must-haves; they are functional, and they will give your outfit the added oomph it needs.

  • Bag. A solid color and a medium-sized bag where you can put your essentials in will go well with any outfit. If you are used to bringing a lot of stuff when going out, a sturdy bag will be a good investment.
  • Watch. It is wise to own a few that will match different looks, such as a leather strapped watch for formal outfits, a sports watch for working out and a metal watch for everyday use. Today’s watches no longer just tell the time; they also have other very useful functions.
  • Sunglasses. This is another accessory for everyday use, except when it rains, of course. Choose a pair with classic lines, preferably black. You can wear them with any outfit. You should also know which lens shape complements your face.
  • Belt. As a general rule, the belt should match the shoes and the watch. Classic black and brown leather belts are a must, and the occasional colored or studded one for other days when you feel like dressing up and looking your best.

Invest in classic pieces of accessory that you can pair and wear with just about any outfit you come up with. The best ones to spend money on are the functional accessories, such as a watch, glasses, belt and the like. They may cost more, but they will surely last longer. You may even pass classic pieces on to the next generation.

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