The best summer snacks to keep you hydrated

Bring out the shorts, bathing suits, and sunglasses that have been cooped up in your closet because summer is here! As the days get longer, hotter, and you spend more time outdoors, you tend to sweat a lot more, which means your body loses water. That’s why it’s important that you stay hydrated and give your body the water it needs. Water can keep you hydrated, but there are some foods that can help too. Let’s have a look at what snacks will help keep you hydrated in warmer weather.

The best summer snacks to keep you hydrated


Cucumbers have a water content of 96.7 percent! That means that the water content of this crunchy vegetable is the highest of any other solid food. They’re the perfect ingredient in salads or can simply be eaten sliced or in julienne strips with a dip of your choice. You could even add some cucumber slices to a jug of water to add a little extra twist.


Watermelon is not only a delicious fruit but it’s also really good for your body. Not only does it help hydrate your body because of its 92 percent water content, but it goes a step beyond that. Watermelon also contains magnesium, sodium, potassium, rehydration salts, and calcium, which when all combined, results in better hydration for your body. It’s no wonder it’s an absolute favorite summer snack.


Tomatoes are so versatile, they can be incorporated into any food. You could either slice them and add them to your summer salad, add them to your gazpacho, or simply eat them on their own. Cherry tomatoes are sweet and juicy and are the perfect snack size. Whether you see them as a fruit or a vegetable, makes no difference, just make sure you eat them. With 95 percent water content, tomatoes make a great hydrating snack.


When you think of a summer fruit the first thing that comes to mind is strawberries. They’re sweet, succulent, and delicious to snack on, as well as really good for you. They’re 92 percent water and full of electrolytes like potassium, which is what we lose when we sweat. So by eating a bowl of strawberries, you not only replenish water lost through sweat but potassium too. You could eat them on their own, or make a refreshing smoothie.

The best summer snacks to keep you hydrated


In addition to losing water, your body also loses electrolytes when it’s dehydrated. The sodium and potassium in yogurt help replace the electrolytes lost, and hence can not only rehydrate your body but it can boost your energy levels too. You could even add some chopped strawberries to your yogurt for an additional hydration boost.


Who doesn’t love a cool, icy popsicle in the summer? The fact that it’s made with water and sugar will definitely help keep you hydrated and cool. You could have a store-bought one or make your own by putting either water, fruit juice, or yogurt in a plastic cup and even add some small pieces of fruit if you want, allow it to freeze, and there you have the perfect summer snack.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day can certainly help keep you hydrated too, however, in summer you should aim to drink more than that. What’s more, if you snack on these hydrating foods as well, you’re sure to give your body the hydration it needs.

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