Woman has a mullet after bleaching her hair – so she sues the hairdresser

[post_page_title]Pre-disaster warning[/post_page_title]

However, on Jessica’s second trip to the salon, things didn’t turn out quite like the first encounter. In fact, things weren’t good at all. The dying process had gone slightly wrong, and the color wasn’t the way she wanted – however, the salon apologized and offered to fix the problem right there and then. Jessica accepted their offer and much to her relief, her hair turned out how she wanted it.

Pre-disaster warning

Finally, the color was just right again! Phew, Jessica thought. A disaster had been avoided! She left the salon a little later than expected but nonetheless satisfied with the recovery. Mistakes happen right? Well, Jessica now wishes she had taken this second trip as a warning…to her shock, the error happened again, only this time even worse!

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