This man found a touching note from a child who witnessed someone hit his car

[post_page_title]A strange scene[/post_page_title]

The car had been parked on the road close to their apartment, but there was something strange up ahead, it looked as though a school bus was hanging around unusually close to the vehicle, and Kneussle was worried that something had happened. The student snapped a photo of the scene as he walked closer and immediately sent it to Andrew. It wasn’t long before he replied.

A strange scene

Andrew wanted Kneussle to find out what was happening. Kneussle managed to find the bus driver, but she insisted that she had no idea what was going on. Although Kneussle informed his friend that everything seemed to be under control, Andrew was still on his way to his precious Mustang. After all, the situation appeared to be too strange to ignore. Little did this student know that his dreams were about to get crushed before his very eyes.

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