This man found a touching note from a child who witnessed someone hit his car

[post_page_title]Growing close to everyone[/post_page_title]

Andrew finally had his dream car and was about to drive it all the way to his perfect college. Could life get any better for this student? It seemed as though it could as Andrew soon landed a place on the school’s baseball team. The team, the Golden Griffins, soon became the proud winners of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament in 2018, but that wasn’t all.

Growing close to everyone

Andrew soon found his place amongst the team as many of them all moved into an apartment together and became close friends. One part of the team was learning how to look out for one another. All of Andrew’s new friends knew how much his Mustang meant to him, including Andrew Kneussle – another member of the team. Perhaps that’s why Kneussle was so surprised when he was walking down the street and spotted Andrew’s car in the distance?

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