This man found a touching note from a child who witnessed someone hit his car

A touching note

Getting our dream car can be enough of a goal for many of us as we head off to work every day in the hopes of one day having enough to pay for our purchase. Sure, covering the basics is great and all, but what about if we had enough to treat ourselves every now and then? That can be when we really start to enjoy our paychecks.

Some dream of expensive houses or luxurious vacations, but others want four wheels and an engine that eats up the asphalt as we travel down the open road. So what about if someone was about to see all your dreams come crashing down? Although nice cars can be great, they might not be so wonderful once they have a bump or a scrape down the side. Thankfully, it looks as though not all hope is lost as this man found a touching note from a child after his car was severely damaged.

[post_page_title]A touching note[/post_page_title]

Some of us seem to be born to do good deeds. Others? They might not mind overlooking the smaller details as they go about their lives without a care in the world. However, it was one bad mistake that was about to show the power of people looking out for one another.

A touching note

This man found a touching note that he never expected to see. That’s right; it looked as though he was never going to get an answer to his hit and run. That was until he took a closer look and realized that there might be some good in the world after all.

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