This man found a touching note from a child who witnessed someone hit his car

[post_page_title]Earning his place[/post_page_title]

Andrew Sipowicz had always grown up in Buffalo, New York, and there was something that had kept him busy most of his life: baseball. This student loved everything about the sport and had played on his team at high school. Now, Andrew was ready to take his love of the game to the next level. Andrew applied for a place at Buffalo’s Canisius College, and it wasn’t long before he learned that he would soon be heading off to college.

Earning his place

The best bit? Andrew could continue to play for the college’s baseball team. Although the campus was once a small area when it was founded back in 1870, Canisius College has since grown to become a huge campus and a significant part of the community. Andrew couldn’t wait to pack his bags and achieve his dreams. There was just one thing missing.

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