Parents angry when school shames their daughters for their outfits

Parents of students shamed over their outfits claim one school went too far

When you’re a kid, it’s hard to find a reason to enjoy going to school. After all, you have to give up hours of your day just to sit in classes and learn things you don’t care about. Sure, you get to spend time with your friends, but you could easily do that at home or in the mall. It’s even worse when you attend somewhere with a strict dress code policy that apparently favors some people more than others.

[post_page_title]Follow the rules[/post_page_title]

Not having to wear a uniform to school is one of the small benefits that many students across America receive.

Follow the rules

However, while people might be free to pick their clothes, they still have to abide by the dress code policy. That’s something many places enforce, including Glenbard East High School.

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