Girl was slammed for wearing this ASOS dress on her dating profile, now she’s modeling it

[post_page_title]An unexpected message[/post_page_title]

One of the guys Thea had swiped right on had matched with her. It’s always a bit exciting seeing that happen because you never know where it could lead. However, when a message popped up, Thea’s hopes were dashed when she read what he had written to her, and it was astounding that someone could be so hurtful.

An unexpected message

This guy who didn’t know her, who had never met her, but who had matched with her, had sent her a message that was beyond insulting. He didn’t hold back either and proceeded to tell Thea what was or wasn’t doing her any favors. The message was sent on April 27th, 2019, and, while the exchange was short, it said everything about the person who sent the messages.

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