When a man pays for a distressed mother’s groceries, she pays it forward by continuing his legacy

Anyone who has children knows that being a parent is a lot of hard work and it can be extremely tiring and stressful – on top of being one of the greatest joys in life, obviously. Sometimes parents need a break, but that’s not always possible. They often have to take their little ones with them everywhere if they cannot find someone to watch them. This means parents usually have to bring them on shopping excursions and errands, specifically when they go out to get groceries.

That’s what happened to one mother, but her story is a little bit different than most. She was exhausted, but with no food at home, she needed to head to the grocery store. Unfortunately, as a mom, there is no time to rest when the fridge is empty. So, she scooped up her five-month-old and headed to Trader Joe’s. When she got to the register, however, her card was declined. How was she going to pay? That was when a kind stranger stepped up to help.

[post_page_title]Full-time job[/post_page_title]

Jamie-Lynne Knighten had a lot going on in her life. Being a mom is a full-time job, regardless if you have another career or not. She had recently welcomed a new baby into the world with her husband, and she really had her hands full.

The mother had been spending most of her time looking after the child and it was getting pretty overwhelming. It was about time a guardian angel stepped into her life because she could really use one at that moment in time.

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