Times celebs tried to steal each other’s thunder

Celebrities are rarely known for being humble, or into applauding others’ success – quite the opposite. These are some of the most memorable and cringeworthy times stars tried to steal the thunder from (or throw shade on) their colleagues in showbiz.

[post_page_title]Meghan’s royally awkward pregnancy announcement[/post_page_title]

It’s an unwritten rule a bride deserves to be center of attention at her own wedding. Weddings are not the time for guests to announce their own exciting life events – but apparently that’s exactly what happened at Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October of 2018.

Meghan’s royally awkward pregnancy announcement

Meghan and Harry told the Queen they were expecting – right in the middle of the wedding ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Out of the many spotlight-stealing moments under this couple’s belt, this might be the worst one.

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