The cast of ‘Step by Step’ – where are they now?

Patrick Duffy – then

Family sitcoms were very popular in the ’90s. Step by Step debuted in 1991 and was a huge hit for seven seasons. Some actors like Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers were Hollywood veterans, but most of the cast were just starting out in their careers. Despite Step by Steps’s success, a majority did not end up pursuing acting careers. A lot has changed in the past 29 years! Find out what the Step by Step cast is up to now!

[post_page_title]Patrick Duffy – then[/post_page_title]

Father of the Lambert household, Patrick Duffy, was no stranger to TV. Before landing his role as Frank Lambert on Step by Step, Duffy was a well known actor on the successful soap opera, Dallas.

Patrick Duffy – then

He also had a hit song in Europe called, “Together We’re Strong” with French singer Mireille Mathieu. During the show’s seven season run, Duffy played a father of three who gets married to a widow named Carol who has three kids of her own.

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