Kate Middleton’s cool and sweet ‘mom moments’ shown in pictures

[post_page_title]When she dealt with the wriggles[/post_page_title]

Prince George is arguably one of the most adorable children in the world, and we’re not just saying that because he’s one day going to take over the throne. While he may look as though he’s the sweetest boy ever to roam this earth, there’s no doubt about the fact that even he has his vices.

When Kate dealt with the wriggles

When the mother-and-son duo made public appearances, for example, Kate hoped that her son would be able to relax comfortably in her arms for the sake of the cameras. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t the case, and she had to deal with the wriggles while also trying to keep a smile on her face. In true mom form, she nailed it.

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