Kate Middleton’s cool and sweet ‘mom moments’ shown in pictures

Although we may know her as the Duchess of Cambridge, the likes of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis all know Kate Middleton as “mom.” In fact, her mom moments prove that she’s just like the rest of us…

[post_page_title]When she tended to her kids’ needs during a ceremony[/post_page_title]

Being a member of the Royal Family, especially the prominent, high-visibility ones, means being “on” all the time. You’re never really off the clock, so to speak. Even when you’re not in public, you have to behave a certain way and follow the intricate (and often confusing) rules and regulations that govern every facet of royal life.

When she had to deal with their needs during public appearances

But these royals are still parents, and when Kate and William were standing on Buckingham Palace’s balcony along with Princess Charlotte and Prince George – with most of the country and even the world watching – another duty overruled the royal one: fixing her son’s hair and making sure Charlotte was alright.

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