Kate Middleton’s cool and sweet ‘mom moments,’ in pictures

[post_page_title]When Kate wasn’t afraid to open up[/post_page_title]

Kate Middleton is living her best life, right? It’s hard to imagine that someone with her beauty, her social standing, and her wealth has any struggles in life – but, in fact, she struggles as much as the rest of us. Over the course of her life in the limelight, Kate hasn’t been afraid to open up about her time as a mom and the struggles that she deals with on a daily basis.

When Kate wasn’t afraid to open up

In 2017, Kate took part in an interview where she decided to get real about her children and her experiences as a parent. She noted that having children is an “overwhelming experience” no matter how privileged you are. She even confessed that she often feels “quite isolated” and “lonely” when she has to tend to her children.

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