Kate Middleton’s brother is in trouble for allegedly trying to cash in on Archie’s birth

[post_page_title]Bottom of the class[/post_page_title]

Learning difficulties made life very difficult for James growing up. He had severe dyslexia, to the point that he struggled to spell his own name. The problems he faced with reading and writing meant that he was frequently at the bottom of his class. He was forced to work harder than everyone else just to make the same progress, but he had problems focusing on his studies.

Bottom of the class

Luckily, after buckling down in his final years of school, he was able to score good enough on his exams to earn a place at Edinburgh University. His prospects were getting brighter by the day, but then he decided to drop out after just one year of studying. He couldn’t handle the pressure of college life, so he decided it was time to turn his back on education. He wanted to be a businessman, and that’s what he went out and did.

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