Kate Middleton’s brother is in trouble for allegedly trying to cash in on Archie’s birth

[post_page_title]Not like his sisters[/post_page_title]

While Kate is the most famous member of the Middleton family, she’s not the only child of Michael and Carole. As well as her sister, Pippa, she also has a younger brother who was born five years after Kate. Much like his older siblings, James was delivered at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and was a student at Marlborough College, a prestigious school for teenagers. While he had a similar upbringing to Kate and Pippa, though, his life has gone in a bit of a different direction.

Not like his sisters

He hasn’t gone on to marry anyone with royal ties. In fact, as it stands, he’s yet to put a ring on anyone’s finger. He also hasn’t had the best luck as a businessman, something that’s been particularly hard for the man to deal with. It seems the struggles he’s having in that department may be tied to his past.

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