6 tips to become a charismatic public speaker

Enjoy yourself

This might be easier said than done, but learning how to enjoy yourself while giving a public speech can be enough to lift the entire mood of the room. Crowds often believe that your speech must be good if you look as though you are having a good time. You may have to start by faking your excitement to be behind the mic, but it shouldn’t be long before the emotion takes over and you find yourself settling into our charismatic role.

Help the audience

The type of speech you are giving dictates the kind of points you will be making. However, it’s important to always think about how you could be helping the audience if you want to become a great public speaker. This means considering how your points could help them to further their lives or make improvements and not spend the entire time talking about yourself or your business.

6 tips to become a charismatic public speaker

Have three key points

They say that three is the magic number, and it turns out there might be some truth behind it after all. Making three points keeps things precise and to the point. It also helps your audience to keep focused before you move onto the next topic. Your entire speech should consist of three key points, including one call to action. This is what you want your audience to do once they have heard your speech.

Public speaking can seem a little daunting at first, but learning how to become a charismatic public speaker is the first step to facing your fears. It might not be long before you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand.

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