6 tips to become a charismatic public speaker

Energize your voice

Soft-talkers can be hard to hear at the back of the room. The chances are that if people can’t hear you or find that you have a monotone and flat voice that they will switch off. However, adding some bounce and volume to your public speaking voice can be enough to keep people engaged in your speech. It’s important to adjust your voice to your surroundings. Halls with an echo mean we need to speak slower while larger rooms need more volume.

Smile at the crowd

A smile can be a way to get through to your crowd. Plus, it often shows everyone that you’re enjoying yourself and believe in what you’re saying. Sometimes, a smile might not be the most appropriate way to show your emotions. Thankfully, there are ways that we can get around it. You can have a positive expression or even practice raising your cheekbones. You’re not smiling, but you should already look more positive.

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