Which Yoga is the best for you?

There are now so many types of yoga available it is hard to know which one to go for! They all have their benefits and their different techniques. It also depends on what sort of exercise it is you’re looking for as to which type of yoga you will want to go for. So what is it that separates them all?


Hatha originates as one of the first six branches of yoga. It relies on a more physical approach and uses different poses to engage the body. It isn’t the most sweaty of classes, but Hatha has plenty of benefits! It is shown to help strengthen and tone the body, increase your natural flexibility, and help improve health. This type of yoga is a brilliant workout without getting out of breath!


This form of yoga focuses on holding poses as its primary goal, but uses breathing techniques too. There are six sequences of arduous poses in Ashtanga that come up rapidly as the person will move to on with each breath. They are all linked together with breathing, and is said to be very demanding while working up a sweat! This form of yoga will greatly benefit your core strength and flexibility, as well as connecting your mind fully to your body.

Which Yoga is the best for you?


Bikram, or hot yoga, is one very sweaty workout. In rooms with temperatures up to 105 degrees, and up to 40% humidity, it uses 26 different poses that are performed twice each during the classes. There are many benefits to performing Bikram yoga including the aid to weight loss, increased pulse rate, an increase in your metabolism, and a confidence boost as you use willpower to continue the routine, even during the sweatfest!


If you’re looking for some spiritual cleansing, then this will be the yoga class for you. Restorative yoga uses only 4 or 5 different poses, and you can spend up to 20 minutes in each position! The idea is to discover pure relaxation to help you fully unwind. Restorative yoga has many benefits to your mental and physical health, including the intense relaxation felt, your enhanced moods, and helping to improve the immune and nervous systems!


Anusara is relatively new, having only been developed 20 years ago. The idea of this yoga is to be more relaxed and use the time to let your inner light shine out. In the classes, you aren’t expected to be able to perform all the poses flawlessly, but to enjoy your time and express yourself how you feel comfortable! While Anusara does physically help to improve flexibility and posture, it also helps to strengthen immunity and breathing abilities, and to help relieve underlying emotions, leaving the body feeling more relaxed and energized.

Which Yoga is the best for you?


Prenatal yoga is designed for expectant mothers, and women that have recently given birth. The poses have been adapted to be performed through all stages of pregnancy, and it is done to help maintain muscle strength. It is also said to help improve breathing control, bringing flexibility to back and hips, and it helps improve posture. Incredibly, Prenatal yoga also aids in sleep, nausea, headaches and reducing stress too!

Whether you’re looking for a crazy intense workout, or a chance to become more in tune with your spirit, there are many different yoga forms you can choose from. While all have incredible benefits, selecting the right type for you is very important. The best bit too is that most yogas can be performed anywhere, making this the perfect addition to your exercise regime!

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