How to get more sleep during weekdays

Do you find yourself often burning the midnight oil and then finally reaching the weekends but feeling completely exhausted? Then this article is definitely for you! This article will provide you with some tips about getting more rest during the week that will have you functioning much better at work, feeling more positive, and ready to enjoy life to the full again.

How to get more sleep during weekdays

1. Sleep schedule

It is important to decide on a time to go to bed. You need to go to bed at the same time every night. If you wake up very early in the mornings, this time will most likely have to be earlier in the evening. You will find that your body will start getting used to or start getting tired around this time the longer you do it. Also, aim to keep this sleep schedule over weekends, otherwise you are just breaking down the good work
that you built up during the week.

2. Preparation

In order to have a good night’s rest, it is important to start preparing for sleep an hour before going to bed. Start by switching off electronic devices, the tv, or anything else that gives off blue light; it might end up grabbing your attention. Instead, have a nice bath or relaxing shower and be sure to wind down after a busy day. Read a book before bed to make you sleepy or do some breathing exercises while lying on your bed and focus on relaxing yourself. This way you will fall asleep faster and also end up reducing stress.

3. Time management

You will not be able to go to bed on time or sleep comfortably if you know you have work to do or a deadline to meet. Aim to plan your week and time well so that you do not end up working late into the night unnecessarily. Unfortunately, these things cannot always be avoided but there are some steps that you can take to avoid work from building up.

4. Cuddling

Cuddling before falling asleep reduces stress, allows you to fall asleep faster, and to have a better night’s rest. If you do not have a partner to cuddle, grab your pet and give it some love before bed. It will calm you down and your pet will love it too! Some people even invest in buying themselves a body pillow. This makes sleeping more comfortable and gives you that cuddle factor that you might be missing. If you do not
want to spend money, even a normal pillow could work.

5. The bed

Is your bed comfortable? Is the pillow providing enough support? Is the bedding providing too much warmth or are you feeling cold during the evenings? All of these things can have an influence on your sleep and disrupt it. Make sure that you are comfortable so that you are not interrupted unnecessarily.

How to get more sleep during weekdays

6. Avoid napping

Naps are great but people often sleep for too long a period of time and then find themselves awake when the evening finally arrives. If you really do need a nap, aim to sleep for only about 20-25 minutes. This will refresh you and prevent you from falling into a deep sleep.

7. Exercise

Regular exercise will help to tire your body out and reduce stress which could be what is preventing you from having a good night’s rest. Try to find a sport or a source of exercise that you enjoy doing so that it will keep you motivated to do it.