Examples of the power of belief and how you can mimic the results

The theory of the power of belief started to gain popular traction in the early 1900s. It is the thinking that one can change their own destiny through positive thinking to achieve great things. In this article, we take a look at some incredible examples of belief overcoming the physical and how to implement this mindset into our own lives.

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The four minute mile

Taking us back to 1954 is Roger Bannister who ran a mile in four minutes. Prior to this, it was thought that it was impossible for a human to do this, with experts even warning against demise if it was tried. Bannister believed that it could be done. Since breaking this record and proving the experts to be false, running the four-minute mile is now a common occurrence amongst athletes.

Lifting 500 pounds overhead

Into the 1970s, Vasily Alexeyev broke the world record for lifting 500 pounds over his head when his crew members tricked him into it. They did this by telling him that it was a weight he had already lifted before. Prior to this, it was believed that the human body would never be able to lift such an incredible weight.

Miracle healing

Morris E. Goodman was in a horrific accident at 35 years old. The spinal cord in his neck was crushed, leaving Goodman only able to blink his eyes. The doctors told him to make peace with never being able to move again. But Goodman had other ideas. He used his perfectly functioning mind to heal his own body and walked out of the hospital just eight months after his accident.

How to implement this amazing practice into our own lives:

Change your mindset

Most people have a fixed mindset about their skills and talents being predetermined for them. That they are already the best that they can be. This needs to change. We need to have a mindset of growth, in that our skills are learned and that we can gain and discover new talents all the time.

Eliminate all limiting thoughts

If we tell ourselves that we can’t, then we never will. All negative and limiting thoughts need to go straight out the window and never return. They need to be totally replaced with encouraging thoughts of positivity. “I know I can do this” should be our new slogan for everything.

Affirm it

Write down those goals and think about them every day to affirm them. We need to firmly believe that they have materialized in our lives.


This is a tried and tested, proven tool that athletes use every day. Take five minutes out of the day and visualize those goals as already being achieved. Feel the emotions that come along with the success of it. Sit in the seat of that dream car. Walk through the doors of that beautiful home. Shake the hand of the boss who is giving the promotion. We have to see it to believe it.

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Armed with these new tools there should be no stopping us. The only limits are our own imaginations. It’s the law of nature that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so the effort we put in is equal to the benefits we will get out. Choosing to do nothing about those goals will only give us nothing in return.