Ways to make your apartment look like a palace

Your home is a space that is your own, somewhere you feel comfortable and safe in. You should always be proud to call it your home, no matter how big or small, or old or modern it is. And if it looks good, it’s that much easier to be proud of it.

Making a space of your own, adding a touch of your design and creativity can work wonders in transforming any home. And even if you are anything but royalty, it’s possible to design your home to make it look and feel just like a luxurious palace. That said, here are some practical ways to design your apartment and make it look luxurious and palatial on a budget.

Use rich colors like red or go completely white

When you think of royalty, you think of deep, rich colors like red, gold, dark green, etc. So, if you ant your home to look like a palace, make sure the walls are painted a rich color and your carpets and pillows can have a different rich color. However, it can be challenging to pull off accent walls, so if you want a more modern or safer approach, you can choose to go completely white. Today, a lot of fancy homes are white with dashes of color coming from art pieces, plants and statement furniture.

Use drapes that reach the floor

To give the illusion of luxury to your home, consider using drapes which are floor-length rather than using blinds or not using anything at all to cover your windows. Floor-length drapes lend an air of grandeur to your home, making it look that much more lavish.

Ways to make your apartment look like a palace

Invest in high-quality statement furniture

When you design your apartment, choose to invest in high-quality statement furniture, even if they may cost you a little more than usual. For example, you can indulge in a fancy, expensive sofa which will surely change the entire look and feel of the living room. This way, you don’t have to spend much money on other furniture.

Don’t match too much, diversity is key

Be it colors, patterns, textures, or design, avoid matching when it comes to decorating your apartment. Ife everything looks similar, there is no diversity and hence, no richness to the style. Instead, mix it up and juxtapose one style on another.

Have fresh flowers on display

Fresh flowers make your home look fancy and sophisticated. It adds a pleasant scent too. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of dollars on this. Just head to your local bodega and pick out fresh flowers you like and arrange them on your own. You can keep them on the dining table, on shelves or even on the coffee table.

Ways to make your apartment look like a palace

Declutter your apartment

Don’t overdo it. Just because you want your home to look like a palace doesn’t mean you should go overboard. That does not always equate luxury. Instead, make it a point to declutter. Don’t keep anything you are not going to use, or which does not match your new aesthetic.

Turning your home into a palace of your own on a budget is a completely doable task. What matters most is that it reflects the kind of person you are, and you feel comfortable in it. Use these tips to design your apartment into a chic and sophisticated space!

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