Useful gifts that don’t create clutter

It’s time to give gifts, and many of us find ourselves asking the same question: what would you like? It can be tough to answer when it often feels as though you already have anything you need. But we want to give a gift. What are we supposed to do? Thankfully, these useful gifts that don’t create clutter are sure to be welcomed rather than resented.


If you know someone that loves to make lists or doodle their time away, then this could be the perfect chance to choose some new stationery for your friend. Many enjoy a new set of pens or colored pencils while others can’t think of anything better than a gorgeous notebook or decorative folder. There are so many options that it can feel as though the list is never-ending.


House plants

House plants are a great way to bring life to any room. The best bit? Choosing a bright pot or a minimalistic option can add even more flair to your gift. If you know that your friend loves to look after a particular type of plant then great – that’s the ideal place to start! If they’re new to the gardening game, then plants such as cacti, bamboo, aloe vera, or cast iron plants could be a great introduction.

A jewellery stand

Not only are you giving a useful gift that doesn’t create any clutter, but you could be helping your friend eliminate some, too. There are so many different options that there’s sure to be one out there for everyone. Minimalistic designs are ideal for people who like to keep things looking fresh and modern, while many come in all kinds of shapes, such as animals, dresses, and motivational messages.

Homemade food

Giving homemade food can be a simple task for people who love to find themselves in the kitchen. That’s not all. Making up a fresh batch of your signature dish or trying your hand at your friend’s favorite could be all you need to show how much you care. Preservatives, like jams and marmalades, are great for longer-lasting gifts. However, cupcakes or truffles can be brilliant for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A gift card

Gift cards can be underrated presents. It can be easy to hand your friend money for their birthday or Christmas, but where’s the thought? Gift cards often show people that you know what they like and want them to choose the perfect gift with your help. This could be a gift card to anything. From stores to event tickets and restaurants to fragrances, there are so many possibilities out there on the market.


Fitness trackers

Perhaps your friend wants to start training? Maybe they have an interest in tracking their steps? Whatever the case, this is sure to be one gift that doesn’t cause any clutter as your friend can wear it with them wherever they go. Plus, getting a fitness tracker could be the excuse that many have been looking for to start the next stage in their fitness journey – all thanks to your kind gift!

It can be tough to buy something for your friends and family, especially when we seem to live in a world where we have everything we need. However, these useful gifts that don’t create clutter are the perfect way to show that you care without clogging up their home.

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