Unusual animals perfectly colored by nature

Although there can be some crazy patterns found on many animals, if the rest of their species have those markings they can feel less special. Are you bored of looking at animals that just don’t really seem to stand out from the others? Amazingly, we have found some animals that have incredible coloring and markings, making them look completely different from any other in their species.

[post_page_title]Two cats are better than one[/post_page_title]

Ask any cat lover what is better than owning a cat, and they’ll likely say owning two cats. This cat has its owner covered on that front thanks to its extraordinary markings. Not happy with just simply being one cat, this feline has a perfectly formed cat in the markings of its fur.

Now the owner of this cat can enjoy the feeling of having two cats running around but still only has to deal with looking after one. It is kind of like a two for one deal where the second cat is completely hassle-free, and the other one has the responsibility of looking after it. At least that cat has always got someone covering its back.

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