TRX: learn it, live it, love it

Many exercises have come and gone over the years. While they all have their health benefits, some have been able to stand the test of time while others have fizzled out. One that looks as though it is going to take the world by storm is TRX. But what exactly is this exercise, and why should we give it a try?

What is TRX?

We’re glad you asked. TRX is a form of suspension training. It was originally created by a Navy SEAL who put those yellow and black straps from the gym to good use. It works by using a person’s body weight rather than using various machines or added weights. It’s just you and the straps. It also manages to target your whole body in one handy workout, with extra emphasis on your core. It almost sounds as though TRX is too good to be true!

Versatility factors

One of the best things about TRX is that you can perform the exercises just about anywhere. As long as you have a secure surface to attach the straps to, then you can begin working out. It could be in your home, at the gym, or even down at the local park if you can find a tree with a strong enough branch. The possibilities are endless! It’s not only versatile on location either. This exercise has so many variants that are designed to work all parts of your body meaning nowhere will get left out.

TRX: learn it, live it, love it

Health benefits of TRX

If you’re only using your body weight, can there be any health benefits to using TRX? Of course! This kind of exercise helps to strengthen all your major muscle groups. Plus, moving in between the various movements will help increase flexibility in your muscles and joints. To top it all off, the exercises won’t necessarily bulk you up. Many people worry that strength training will cause them to get larger muscles. With TRX, you’re safe. However, it can still also be a great benefit for anyone looking to get bigger.

Is TRX low impact?

In short, yes! Although you are working a lot of your body at once throughout the workout, most of the move can be adapted, so they are easier or less strenuous. This makes it a great exercise for many beginners looking to start a strength programme. But don’t be fooled. The moves involved can also be ramped up to make them the perfect workout for any serious weightlifter. It’s all about choosing the right exercise for your ability.

TRX: learn it, live it, love it

Is TRX expensive?

This depends on how you go about your new exercise regime. If you pick up some straps of your own, you will have this initial cost. However, many health and fitness stores offer them at a reasonable price. Plus, once you have your own set, they are there for life. If you want to go down the gym route, then you will have the cost of membership each month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a class where you will get pushed to the limit by some of the toughest instructors. It all depends on your needs.

Who knew that you could do so much with a couple of straps? If you are a member of the gym, then it might be worth giving them a go. If you fancy working out at home, then why not get yourself a set and start working out? You’ll be amazed by the benefits.

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