Traveling on your own vs. traveling with a friend

Deciding whether to travel with friends or alone is one of the key factors to take into consideration as a traveler. Traveling with your friends is a very great way to bond as a group and have fun. But going solo is equally amazing. So how do you decide if you should take a trip with friends or go it on your own? Here are some tips to help you.

Research shows that currently, about 60% of people who go on vacations travel alone. This implies that if you travel solo there will be many other people in the same boat as you. You may have started out on your own but after a short while, you will have made new friends around the globe. It will be easier than you ever thought it would be.

There are also many reasons that people decide to travel with friends. If you choose to go this route, however, it is very important to ensure that you choose friends with whom you share similar expectations. Figure out about the kind of activities that will be of interest and ensure that you and your travel buddies are on the same page.

Advantages of traveling with a friend

1. No loneliness
You will never be lonely because your friends will always be there to keep you company.

2. Teamwork
With a team, you are able to organize exciting activities and share experiences that will last in your memories for many years afterwards.

3. Shared everything
Traveling in groups helps lower your own personal contribution. for example, one can share travel expenses such as food, accommodation, and even supplies.

4. Lower overhead cost
Traveling with friends is much cheaper as compared to doing it solo. You can receive huge discounts as a result of group bookings.

5. Support
Traveling with friends comes with built-in support. They can be there for you in case you fall sick, assist you when you need it, and help you navigate confusing cities, among so many other forms of support that they can offer.

Advantages of traveling alone

1. Freedom
Traveling alone gives you complete freedom to do anything and go anywhere you wish. This is because the budget and the time is your own. You do not need to consult anybody in order to do anything.

2. Meet people
It is easy to make new friends if you’re by yourself, and this can be quite fun. As a solo traveler, making new friends happens naturally as you mingle and share experiences with other travelers.

3. Self reflection
Traveling alone gives you an opportunity for self-reflection and quiet thinking. This quietness and peace of mind may enable you to set new goals and ideas.

4. Independence
As you travel and navigate new places on your own, you will realize a new and exciting level of independence. Learning how to get by solo can help you even after you return from your travels.

The question of whether to traveling on your own or go with a friend will never fail to linger in our minds every time we decide to plan a trip or a vacation. Figure out what you’re trying to get out of your travels and then choose accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that both are great options.

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