Tips to overcome your fear of flying

In today’s day and age, traveling from one city to another or even to another country has become as simple as climbing on board an airplane. Flying has become so easy and accessible that on there are over one million people in the air every day. But flying is not natural to humans and thus it can be a nerve-wracking experience, even for those who are frequent fliers. Below are some tips that can help you manage your fear of flying.

Make use of the online check-in system

Most airlines today allow for online check-in at home twenty-four hours before your flight departs. This is recommended as it can shorten the time spent in the check-in lines and sometimes you are also able to choose your own seat.. This can be especially useful when traveling with someone as you can ensure you are seated next to each other which can help reduce your stress and anxiety.


Arrive at the airport on time

When traveling on an airplane, it is always best to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight departs. This will allow you enough time to check in your baggage and move through airport security without rushing. When you are rushed you may be concerned about missing your flight, which could increase your anxiety, especially as there are often long lines or unforeseen delays at security. Plan your route to make sure that you leave your house or hotel with enough time, taking into account the distance to the airport as well as the time of day and traffic conditions.

Make sure you are familiar with airline rules and restrictions

When packing make sure you are familiar with the airline’s rules with regards to the size of your baggage and what you can or cannot carry on board. This will prevent any problems with security at the airport which could increase your stress.

Carry items that you can use inflight

On short domestic flights, there aren’t always movies or inflight entertainment systems. Bring a book, crossword puzzle, or even a coloring book with you on the plane. Not only will it make your journey more bearable, but it will help pass the time in a productive way.

Do your research

If you are afraid of turbulence or aircraft crashes, do your research before you fly. You will probably find that aircraft crashes are extremely rare and that all modern airplanes must conform to strict safety standards which make the likelihood of anything going wrong very low.


Make friends

If you are traveling alone, make conversation with the person seated next to you, or even the flight attendants if the flight is empty. Talking to people and finding out that they may share similar interests and fears can help you to manage your stress and bring you comfort.

Listen to the cabin crew members on board

Cabin crew members are trained extensively and are always prepared for any eventuality that may occur. When they are giving instructions or talking, listen to them. Watching the pre-flight safety demonstration will not only make you feel more secure and prepared, it can also provide a small distraction from the motion of the airplane as it takes off, which is often a very stressful experience for those who are not accustomed to it.

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