Some tips to maximize your skincare routine

With so many products on the market, building the best skincare routine feels like it requires a Ph.D. While there is a wonderful science behind skincare, you don’t need to be an expert when using the right products, because, well that’s the expert’s job. All it takes is a few simple tips and a basic understanding of a skincare routine.

It’s not necessary to spend top dollar on all of your products either. Sure you get what you pay for, but there are good products available that aren’t necessarily the most expensive. So try these tips out on the products you already have to see if you can improve your skincare without paying anything more.

Some tips to maximize your skincare routine

The basics

A basic skincare routine requires a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. You can add a serum or spot treatment in the mix if you feel the need for some anti-agingTLC. It’s very important to apply these products in the correct order, namely: cleanser, then toner, then spot treatment or serum, (including eye creams) then moisturizer.

A simple rule to follow is to cleanse first, then apply the products from most water-based to most oil-based. The principle behind this rule is that if you apply the more oil-based products first, they create a barrier that stops the other products from being absorbed. You’ve heard the saying that oil and water never mix. Most skincare products have these instructions on their packages in case you forget, so be sure to check those out.

More basics: follow the instructions on the package closely

It might sound obvious, but some of the more subtle instructions might get lost in transmission. For example, some products might tell you to apply them in the morning. This could be because they contain ingredients like vitamin C, which improves the effects of sun-screens. If the product says to wait two minutes before applying the next one, then be sure to wait the full time, otherwise it could reduce the absorption of not only that product but the next one you apply as well. The less of the product is absorbed, the less effective it is.

Use your fingers to apply the product

The only product that should be used with cotton pads is the cleanser. This is because you want the pad to pick up the straggling dirt and make-up. The rest of the products should be applied with your fingertips. The reason for this is that the cotton pad absorbs a significant amount of product, which never makes it to your skin. There’s also the bonus of saving on how much you spend on cotton pads and its impact on the environment.

Some tips to maximize your skincare routine

Eliminate other causes of skin break-outs

Sometimes, no matter how good your skin products are, you can’t beat the break-out because of other factors. For example, not changing your pillowcase often enough (at least once a week) or eating too much of certain foods (those rich in omega-6 fatty acids) can seriously increase the chances of skin break-outs. Taking these out is just as important as putting the right products in.

Try products for at least a month

Skincare products take time to show results because your body needs time to remove the damaged skin cells and replace them with new ones (which takes about 4 weeks). Some products may take longer, as will be specified on the package. So give your skincare products a chance before giving up on them.

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