Times customers were definitely satisfied with their pizza box drawing requests

Ordering pizza is a wonderful tradition that can be shared by family members and groups of friends alike. While obviously the best part of having this delicious food delivered is the cheesy, saucy bread that melts in our mouths, there is another enjoyable aspect that many people either forget about or don’t even know about. We are talking about requests the pizza places receive to add things to their pizza boxes.

Sometimes people want drawings added to the box, and other times they request jokes to be written. This is a fun aspect to ordering pizza, but we have to assume it is also a fun part of working at a pizza shop. The employees get to think outside the box and come up with creative things to fulfill their customers requests. It probably makes being employed there quite entertaining because they not only get to make their customers laugh, but they can also mess with the people waiting for their deliveries.

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If someone asks for the pizza place to write a joke on the box when delivery their food, they really never know what they’re going to get. Sometimes they may get nothing in return, or a joke that just isn’t funny.

Other times they will get something even better than expected. Here, when this person asked for a joke, the pizza place definitely delivered. Sometimes jokes are so bad, they’re actually good and we think that’s exactly what happened here. Everyone loves a good pun, after all, right?

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